30 mayo, 2022

Automotive Integration: The Industry Solution for Automotive Suppliers

Specialized ERP for the automotive industry

In the automotive sector we are more than specialists, we know the needs, demands and service levels for the entire supply chain, T1, T2, T3. Our solution based on Dynamics 365 guarantees your transition to Industry 4.0.

What we offer

The industry solution Automotive Integration is a modularly designed software which was developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and supports all the typical business processes of suppliers, be they internal or external processes. interfacing with automotive OEM’s or with other suppliers (1, 2, 3 tiersuppliers). Depending on the complexity of requirements, the different Automotive Integration modules can be used for order processing,
production, logistics and procurement.

Automated processing of sector EDI signals
• Improve the flow of information in the supply chain (FORECAST, DELJIT and ASN)
• Get a scale and audited price.
• Optimal maintenance management

Efficiency and specialty in the whole automotive process
• Engineering for plastic injection, assembly, painting and metalworking processes
• Manage production planning
• Visualize the traceability of all processes from raw material to finished product

Integrated industry 4.0
• Obtain analytical models of data collected from business processes.
• I performed an analysis and instrumentation of processes and machinery for the management of Industry 4.0
• Achieve orderly management of production with OEE indicators (efficiency, effectiveness and quality)


Why Dynamics 365?

Modern applications
Modern applications that deliver new experiences and connect with a business’ existing systems to allow organizations to digitally transform their way. Applications that use mixed reality, the ability to take an application that overlays on the reality in front of the user, that guides them through a business process like never before. Connect to information from social networks, mobile devices, and micro-applications to drive intelligence and inform a more effective business process.

Unified data and processes
Unified data and processes that enable business without silos. Centralized data enables disparate groups to work together effectively with a single, trusted view of processes, relationships, and data. Data connectors allow thousands of systems to bring their data to a single network.

Intelligence that delivers
Intelligence that delivers actionable insight. Data in the new world includes social, relationship, and productivity information in addition to insights generated by business systems. The right solution requires a unified approach that allows companies to automatically leverage their data to decide and act in real-time with expanded analytics, predictive algorithms, and automated AI.

An extensible environment
An extensible environment that enables change. The right solution establishes a data,
communication, and application environment that makes it easy to evolve and extend existing
business operations, while introducing technologies that enable users to create solutions where no
solution exists and to expand data analysis.



Dynamics 365, ERP Automotriz
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